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It’s all in the (SourceOne) family

EMC has introduced SourceOne, a new family of products and solutions for archiving, e-discovery and compliance aimed at helping companies centrally manage multiple content types in order to apply consistent retention, disposition and overall life cycle management.

The company claims that SourceOne customers can save more than 50 percent in total cost of ownership and achieve payback on the solution in as little as 12 months. Further, says EMC, SourceOne ensures compliance to internal governance policies and external industry regulations and mitigates risks associated with e-discovery.

"SourceOne is built to address a serious problem that faces virtually every enterprise: that the volume and complexity of business content are bad, getting worse and rapidly outstripping the capabilities of traditional storage architectures and management solutions," says Charles King, principal analyst at PUND-IT (pund-it.com). "On top of that, litigation and e-discovery can place expensive, often unachievable requirements on over-stressed information management and IT staff. SourceOne is not just another IT solution. Instead, the company has created an innovative next-generation architecture that uses information archiving as the foundation for effective management."

King continues, "EMC’s SourceOne architecture and the new SourceOne Email Management, Discovery Manager and Discovery Collector offer companies the tools for good information governance, enabling customers to cost-effectively manage their e-mail information and comply with discovery requirements today. But they also provide customers the flexibility, scalability and availability required to deal with new information sources, changing regulatory and governance requirements and unexpected discovery demands."

SourceOne is designed to deliver an integrated approach to information governance through the use of archiving as a foundational technology, enhanced by retention and disposition capabilities for effective information management as well as e-discovery as a repeatable business process. Initially, EMC SourceOne will archive e-mail and instant messages. Support for files, SharePoint, enterprise applications, XML and other content types will be added in the future. For companies with 1,000 mailboxes, savings from EMC SourceOne will average $1 million in a single year. Companies can also realize a reduction of up to 60 percent in storage and backup costs, claims EMC. 

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