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Cognitive computing: Talking toys will shape education

In need of cognitive literacy

We can predict that cognitive capabilities of educational devices like the aforementioned Dino will increase dramatically within the next couple of years. And this will create a new challenge to humans who may struggle to fit the devices into both their educational and their leisure lives. It’s possible that we will need to develop some sort of “cognitive literacy” with a curriculum comprising better language skills, mathematics (especially statistics) and pattern recognition.

The immense capabilities lurking in cognitive computing platforms are gradually unfolding. They will undoubtedly shake some centuries-old pillars of certainties in education. Educational training, either for children or for adults, could be turned upside down by means of this new class of cognitive tools. The better we understand the opportunities and risks of these technologies today, the better we will be prepared to find that perfect ride on the cognitive wave to come tomorrow in education and training.

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