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Stefan Holtel

Stefan Holtel holds a master’s degree in knowledge management and has spent a decade in IT research and development. He is part of brightONE Consulting, a European firm that offers call center integration, and looks toward cognitive computing to improve customer interaction.

Articles by Stefan Holtel

Cognitive computing: Talking toys will shape education

Talking toys have been around for a while. The animatronic bear Teddy Ruxpin debuted in September 1985. He moved his mouth, opened his eyes and told stories that were played from an audiotape cassette deck built into the toy's back.

From computer to centaur-
Cognitive tools turn the rules upside down

The world chess champion of the time encountered his ultimate vanquisher in 1997. A computer from IBM called Deep Blue beat Garry Kasparov in an exciting tournament. The first electronic machine won checkmate against the best human chess player.