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When the pomegranates are ripe, BI is ready

A large grower of pomegranates is using business intelligence (BI) software to reduce the amount of time the IT department spends creating custom reports, enabling staff to focus more on such initiatives as the delivery of executive-level dashboards and key performance indicators (KPIs). POM Wonderful chose a solution from Noetix, which provides instant operational reporting and packaged analytics for Oracle applications.

Richard Scheitler, CIO of POM Wonderful, says, “We researched BI system options that would enable our employees to confidently access the custom data they needed from our Oracle enterprise resource planning system, without being hindered by the complexity of the reporting tool itself.”

According to Noetix, POM Wonderful liked its solution because it can deliver hundreds of business views out of the box with meaningful joins to Oracle Discoverer tables. That cuts the time it takes for IT personnel to create custom reports. Users understand which table or view they’re looking at, and can trust that the data is correct, according to Noetix.

POM Wonderful IT personnel now use the BI solution to connect to other legacy systems and databases and to provide cross-functional, global views for Oracle Discrete Manufacturing and Oracle Process Manufacturing, looking at everything from forecasts and raw materials to finished inventories, orders and revenue.

The pomegranate grower finds the BI solution is also advantageous too during its business harvest time, when there is only a short lead time between the dates when they receive orders and when they package the various products made from the fruit. Noetix says that because its reports can be Excel-based, employees working on the assembly line don’t need to understand the BI system to access critical information in it.

Scheitler says, “Today POM Wonderful’s organizational departments each possess a much clearer picture of operations, including the efficient use of production line resources, inventory against orders, revenue against forecasts and the status of the supply chain. Users are able to obtain this information on their own, and faster than ever before.”

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