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Vancouver-based law firm chooses cloud-based content management system

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Canadian law firm Harper Grey is implementing a cloud-based content management platform from NetDocuments to make the delivery of its legal services more agile and innovative.

The firm selected the NetDocuments platform, including its ndMail predictive email solution, after reviewing other legal document management providers. The multi-tenanted solution will enable Harper Grey to offer a future-focused content management solution leveraging non-disruptive technology upgrades across the platform globally.

Dharam Dheensaw, CIO at Harper Grey, says, “We are harnessing the cloud-based SaaS model to achieve data redundancy and ‘always on’ access to our critical services … This highly sophisticated and advanced cloud technology fosters a transparent client experience through enhanced collaboration tools and a flexible and intuitive user experience. The transition to NetDocuments not only improves our internal document and filing efficiencies, but also enables the firm to move from a static document repository to a dynamic, feature-rich knowledge management solution that enables us to work more efficiently and deliver first-rate legal services to our clients.”

Harper Grey also will use ndFlexStore, which supports any combination of global, regional and private storage under a “single library” concept. That allows a user anywhere to search, navigate and access any document globally and transparently, subject only to the security and ethical wall rights, regardless of the data storage location.

Dheensaw adds, “The NetDocuments partnership with Microsoft Azure via the ndFlexStore provides us with a Canadian-based cloud storage option, and their ISO 27001, 27018 and 27017 certifications ensure the highest level of data encryption and document-level security.”

Beyond security and collaboration features, the firm chose the solution for its integrations with Harper Grey’s existing core systems, creating a synergy involving AI-based automation and workflows.

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