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Using audio and video content to drive Web site traffic

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Entercom Communications Corp. has chosen an online media experience platform to publish and market its enterprise video and audio assets. The company is using RAMP media content management solution and hosting services. With the new system, Entercom’s podcasts are available to its Web property visitors, and videos are available to editors nationwide using the company’s internal content management system, SharePoint 2010.

In the past, editors at Entercom’s more than 100 stations struggled to create online Web experiences for podcast listeners from scratch, according to RAMP. It involved redundant custom development work, and relevant assets from one station were often invisible to another.

With the new system, however, Entercom is bridging consumer and enterprise experiences with one federated search access via the Web and via SharePoint. Editors and advertisers can easily find content for their sites and make it accessible to online visitors. For example, a station in Seattle can leverage content from a Boston station to expand its editorial and promotional reach, attracting more Web visitors and digital advertising revenue, according to RAMP.

John Graefe, CIO at Entercom, says, “RAMP offers a full gamut of solutions for audio and video--both for managing audio and video content within our organization and for leveraging our audio and video content to drive traffic to our Web properties. Internally, the RAMP platform natively integrates with our SharePoint implementation, so we didn’t have to introduce another tool to our editors just for audio and video. RAMP has also supercharged the discoverability, engagement and monetization of our content at WEEI.com and our many other local properties.”

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