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Using analytics to maximize ROI

Popcornflix, a streaming digital movie platform, is optimizing its return on investment through business analytics technology. The company, which is a service of Screen Media Ventures, is using SAS Intelligent Advertising for Publishers, part of the SAS Customer Intelligence portfolio, to improve the way it monetizes content through ad placement.

Gary Delfiner, senior VP at Screen Media Ventures, says, “We work closely with advertisers to deliver the best results for their brands. Our clients value our user-friendly digital platform for delivering content. SAS Analytics will provide more insight into viewer preferences than ever before. With those insights, we can traffic ads to specific locales and devices anywhere in the world. As data complexity and volume increase, SAS allows us to optimally manage our ad inventory.”

SAS says its hosted solution manages, forecasts and tracks pre-roll, mid-roll, spot ad and banner inventory across Popcornflix movies. Detailed reports track as many as 50 different ad campaigns by traffic, displays, clicks and territories across multiple devices, through drag and drop. SAS also provides audience targeting through behavioral segmentation analysis. Popcornflix expects growth to accelerate as advertisers increasingly request targeted ad serving, according to SAS.

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