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U.S. Navy deploys content repository

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Security was a top priority for the U.S. Navy in its initiative to find a new content management solution. The Navy’s old system stored content on the website server, but lacked versioning and other important content management capabilities.

The Navy has a secure access system for all of its applications. Personnel have a Common Access Card (CAC), a smart identification card that gives them access to everything from buildings to defense computer networks and systems. A deadline was nearing to align all applications on the CAC system, and the solution also had to integrate with the existing IT infrastructure. The content managed by the new application would be centralized in a repository, and other applications would access it, so security, ease of integration and flexibility were important considerations.

David Daniel, senior software engineer and project manager for the U.S. Navy, chose the Nuxeo Platform because it best met the Navy’s requirements. He explains, “The Nuxeo Platform enabled us to build a centralized content repository that integrated with our secure SSO system … Other solutions we considered either did not support our SSO requirements or were too restrictive in terms of technology.”

According to Nuxeo, its platform was developed as the content repository and back office for user-facing applications in the system. Development of the system included:

  • use of the Nuxeo CAS (Central Authentication System) module to manage certificate-based authentication for the military CAC system,
  • custom workflows built with the Nuxeo Platform APIs, and
  • integrations with other applications in the system using the Nuxeo Automation API.

The system is currently in production, with one application accessing the Nuxeo Platform. Eventually, five or six out of 10 user-facing applications will use the Nuxeo Platform as the content repository.

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