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Tracking human processes

E.ON, a large power and gas company in the United Kingdom, is using a human process management (HPM) solution to track business-critical actions and control audit and compliance management. HPM solutions focus on the human side of business processes, such as gathering information, collaborating with others and making decisions.

E.ON has deployed ActionBase human process management as part of its Action Tracking initiative. The strategy is to create an integrated business and centralized corporate knowledgebase, and to focus on business processes when dealing with compliance and regulations.ActionBase enables managers to initiate and engage in human business processes that are usually handled through documents, Microsoft Excel checklists and e-mail correspondence, ActionBase says of its solution.

HPM provides managers with real-time status and visibility over the whole process, optimizing resources and enhancing communication and collaboration with reporting, alerting and syndication, the company explains. Furthermore, the system enables seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook, keeping users in their working environment.

Dave Potter, technical governance manager for Generations Operation for E.ON in the United Kingdom, says, "We needed an off-the-shelf action tracking solution that supports a collaborative approach to corporate accountability and responsibility for achieving operational excellence. Working in a complex environment causes actions to come from many different cross-organizational processes such as operations and regulations, internal and external audit reviews, incident management, etc. Unlike other solutions, ActionBase’s integration with Microsoft Office follows the audit trail on all assigned action items and creates a central repository for assigning, tracking and resolving all of our actions."

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