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Swift’s legal team automates operations

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Swift Transportation has chosen e-discovery software as part of an initiative by its legal department to streamline and automate its processes. The company is implementing Exterro solutions to handle what has been a largely manual process of managing legal holds and employee movements.

Rachel Monti, Swift's VP of legal administration & loss prevention, says, “The legal department's philosophy is as a member of the business, we should constantly be looking for ways to improve our efficiencies and ways to bring value to the organization. It has become obvious that in order to better serve the company, we need to introduce legal technology such as the Exterro platform.”

Swift will use Exterro Legal Hold to navigate a multitude of state and federal discovery obligations. “As technology keeps growing, expanding and advancing, it makes your business fantastic and yet, from the data preservation side, it creates a moving target," Monti says.

With Exterro Employee Change Monitor, Swift will reduce the risk of spoliation due to employee transfers and terminations in its workforce. “With our current manual process, it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to manage employee movement in a company this large with such a dynamic and fast moving workforce,” Monti explains. “The addition of Employee Change Monitor is going to fundamentally change a lot of the way the work occurs on our legal team and will help automate a number of our compliance activities.”

Bill Piwonka, Exterro CMO, says, “We fundamentally believe that when organizations manage e-discovery as a business process, they are able to better optimize their operations, reduce costs and risk, and deliver more value to their company.”

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