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Swedish telecom keeps up with rapid growth through BPMS

A European telecom headquartered in Sweden has deployed a business process management system (BPMS) to integrate its core billing and provisioning applications. Tele2, with 30 million customers in 10 countries, chose the ActiveVOS solution from Active Endpoints.

Among the services Tele2 offers, mobile communications is a primary focus and major growth segment, accounting for more than 60 percent of the company’s operating revenue. With more than a million new activations or service change orders per month, Tele2’s old account provisioning systems could not keep up with its growth.

Tele2 chose the new system to pilot its “fixed-line provisioning with services” project. Combining human and system tasks, ActiveVOS processes were developed and implemented in one-third of the time taken for Tele2’s former open source approach, according to Active Endpoints. The new system offered a completely automated solution, which eliminated the need for customer service representative intervention.

Using ActiveVOS, Tele2 can track and visualize transactions while steadily increasing transaction throughput and scalability, according to Active Endpoints. Initially, ActiveVOS handled more than a million transactions per month, and gave Tele2 the confidence that it could scale. The solution then was expanded to handle 6 million transactions per month, with a goal of reaching close to 12 million within a year. Tele2 has since expanded the use of ActiveVOS to other projects. It now spans to more than 20 integration projects, more than 50 business processes and hundreds of Web services.

Deniss Leibenzons, activation systems manager for Tele2, says, “Our focus is on time savings, visibility into our transactions and flexibility ... I could say that ActiveVOS easily cut our development time in half. Not only does that mean we save money, but we can also do more projects in the same time.”

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