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Supporting a more mobile, flexible working environment

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Rehab Management, a nationwide workplace rehabilitation provider, has deployed technology to deliver health management and psychological services better across Australia. The company, which has 210 employees working in 56 offices and in the field, wanted to solve connectivity issues impacting the quality of services offered by its regional and remote offices. Rehab Management also sought to enhance the morale and productivity of employees by enabling them to work regardless of location or device.

Boris Kotevski, national IT manager at Rehab Management, says, “Adopting a cloud-based IT strategy is a critical part of our plan to become Australia’s number one occupational rehabilitation provider. With a large number of potential customers living in remote areas who are unable to physically travel into more populated areas for treatment, we needed to enhance our existing infrastructure to rapidly deliver effective treatment helping people get healthy and back to work.”

Rehab Management chose technology from Citrix over other options because it could implement a virtual wide area network (WAN) that would eliminate branch connectivity complexities. Using Citrix NetScaler SD-WAN and Citrix XenDesktop, Rehab Management can remotely publish applications replicating the Windows environment from its head office in Sydney to employee devices operating in remote areas throughout the country.

Rehab Management replaced traditional network services in the WAN by building multiple virtual networks on inexpensive internet services to deliver simple, secure network services to each branch office and a better experience to internal users, according to Citrix. The NetScaler SD-WAN solution also allowed Rehab Management to replace its multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) connections with an asymmetric digital subscriber line (ADSL), providing the company with 10 times the amount of bandwidth at a fraction of the cost, Citrix says.

Kotevski explains, “MPLS is the old way of providing corporate interoffice connectivity—it is slow to provision, slow to react to the pace of business and prohibitively expensive. NetScaler SD-WAN allows our business to immediately dial up and down network speeds, which provides bandwidth to support new technologies and allows us to reallocate the IT operations budget toward more critical initiatives.”

Kotevski continues, “Rehab Management has traditionally been a strong workplace rehabilitation player, and if we’re going to fulfill our business objective of becoming the market leader, we’ll continue to do more with Citrix when it comes to technology and innovation.”

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