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State Department improves IT support operations

The U.S. Department of State is expanding its use of knowledge management software. The department has chosen RightAnswers Unified Knowledge Suite to improve service desk efficiency and support to users. The State Department will implement RightAnswers Self-Service portal and RightAnswers Enterprise Gateway, which is part of the Unified Knowledge Suite.

RightAnswers reported recently that by using Enterprise Gateway, the Department can expose more users to the benefits of the suite, because it provides a bridge between the Department’s enterprise search system, the Self-Service portal and the service desk system.

Kathleen Palcher, knowledge manager at the State Department, explains, “Our decision to leverage the Right Answers Unified Knowledge Suite will significantly enhance the level of support that we are providing to our users. By enabling knowledge management and self-service capabilities through the State Department, we are providing ourselves with the data necessary to better measure the impact of our support organization.”

According to RightAnswers, its Unified Knowledge Suite will allow the State Department’s service desk to cost effectively improve user and support technician productivity and efficiency. Users can utilize RightAnswers Self-Service 24/7, online access to the knowledgebase for self-resolving issues. Support technicians can also use RightAnswers Support Analyst to effectively resolve open incidents and access key IT support resources. With the new system, the State Department can proactively respond to the support needs of users, while also centralizing its repository of support information.

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