Sportif gets grip on escalating e-mail dilemma

Sportif USA, a maker of outdoor apparel, has chosen an e-mail management solution for archiving and protecting its large Outlook mailboxes. The company has deployed Metalogix Archive Manager - Exchange Edition to handle its e-mail challenges. As a result of the implementation, Sportif has seen a significant decrease in its e-mail management costs, and improved productivity and data protection, according to Metalogix.

E-mail is Sportif's top business application; it's used broadly across the company, but most heavily in the production department. New clothing designs, including sketches, are e-mailed back and forth to customers, making an average size for an e-mail greater than 100 MBs. Finding an archiving solution became the company's foremost priority to maintain business continuity and solve what was becoming an unmanageable problem.

The company looked at a number of possible solutions before choosing Metalogix Archive Manager - Exchange Edition. The solution has enabled Sportif to eliminate redundant backup recovery processes and servers, and to streamline security and control of user data. It now has an automated solution for e-mail archiving, no matter how large the e-mail boxes of users become. Users also have immediate search and recovery access to e-mails they want to retrieve without burdening the IT staff.

Bruce Cunningham, network administrator for Sportif USA, says, "Metalogix was the only product that achieved what I needed. Most of the other solutions were a step in the wrong direction. I have more large mailboxes than I've ever seen in one place. Metalogix has been a godsend by putting in a message stub, so that it looks like the e-mail is still there to the user, linking him or her to the message on the archive. It was a pretty easy purchase decision once we found it."

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