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The international investment manager 3i is using enterprise search technology from Coveo to speed access to deal-related knowledge and reduce the staff and resources needed to respond to compliance requests.

3i had developed an IT infrastructure with a variety of systems that contained a wide array of information about past and current transactions. Over time, the volume of content in those systems proliferated, making it challenging for employees to find relevant information.

Jon Page, global IT applications manager at 3i, says, “We decided we needed to upgrade the search experience to ensure that our investment professionals and employees could swiftly find the information and content they needed to improve analysis and decision-making.”

3i wanted an enterprise search solution with several key capabilities including:

  • an interface editor that enables search interfaces to be easily integrated in multiple systems;
  • enterprise-class security to honor user and document-level security across all systems;
  • actionable usage analytics to understand user search behavior, content gaps and results relevance; and
  • text analytics to automatically add metadata to content to make it more findable by users.

After considering various options, the 3i team selected Coveo Enterprise Search. Page says, “Coveo’s speed of deployment was superior to its competitors. We were amazed at how things could be done in hours instead of days or weeks. For example, we were surprised at how quick it was to implement the indexes, search interfaces and customer refiners that we wanted with Coveo.”

According to Coveo, 3i staff members use its technology to instantly find relevant information—using either a browser-based interface or integrated search interface within SharePoint—from 3.6 million file share documents, 6.3 million Exchange e-mails, 897,000 SharePoint items and documents, and 107 million Enterprise Vault records.

Coveo also reports that 3i’s compliance team used its JavaScript UI Interface Editor to build a customized interface that enables them to search and correlate content from across 3i’s entire dataset. As content is indexed in near real time, users have access to up-to-date search results. “The moment you receive an e-mail, it appears in Coveo’s search results instantly,” Page says.

To provide users with the most relevant search results, Page uses insights gathered from Coveo’s Usage Analytics Cloud Service to continually fine-tune relevance and boost popular content.

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