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SavingStreet consolidates on iAPPS

SavingStreet, which helps connect homebuyers with moving services, has launched its platform on a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution from Bridgeline Software. SavingStreet is using Bridgeline’s iAPPS Product Suite, which unifies content management, analytics, e-commerce and e-marketing capabilities so that users can enhance and optimize the value of their Web properties.

SavingStreet links homebuyers with such services as furniture movers, storage providers, home insurers, utility companies, home security and others, at a discount to consumers. The goal of connecting homebuyers and competing service providers through one Web-based platform is to make the moving process easier and more affordable.

Mike Gavelek, general manager of savingstreet.com, says, “With iAPPS, we are able to focus on executing our business model. The integrated content management and analytics capabilities help the team publish content and measure effectiveness in ways that deliver tremendous value.”

According to Bridgeline, its iAPPS Product Suite enables site owners to publish and monitor a higher volume of content that is timelier and less expensive to administer. SavingStreet, for example, offers site users hundreds of articles that provide advice and tips on aspects of home moving. Based on embedded index terms and content, site pages dynamically render articles related to topics users are accessing. With iAPPS’ simple user interface and easy-to-use functionality, Bridgeline says, non-technical staff can manage and publish the articles without relying on IT personnel.

Savingstreet.com administrators use the built-in analytics tools to gauge overall site engagement and can measure conversions on sent e-mails for particular services related to the timing of those communications. For example, site managers learned that certain offers were being sent too far in advance of the actual need for those services, causing poor engagement rates. By staggering the distribution of those communications, they could improve conversion and see measured results in the iAPPS Analytics dashboard.

Bridgeline further says its solution has sophisticated e-mail campaign management and monitoring, and also provides standard and advanced content management capabilities, such as real-time content updates, inline content editing, multisite management and on-the-fly forms and survey development.

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