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Red Bull revitalizes request management

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The energy drink Red Bull wanted a workflow management solution that would automate a paper and e-mail-based request system, and that would save time and be error-proof. The company, with a worldwide presence, also sought a system that could be customized by country to follow different sets of rules for similar requests.

Red Bull turned to Yapaweb, a Web site design services firm to build a process management system that would uniformly handle its asset acquisition functions in Central and South America. A member of the Yapaweb team discovered a solution from Integrify that would serve as the foundation for building the Red Bull request management system, and Integrify Cloud was implemented in 2013.

According to Integrify, its solution is said to simplify the request management process, quickly completing a task and gaining insight into the status of the request activity. That is achieved by providing a unified request portal that allows for a common and intuitive experience for users.

Red Bull’s approval criteria required several rounds of information collection and review. Martin Carrion, founder of Yapaweb, explains, “For each request, vendor proposals must be received and uploaded, and then the system calculates a score for each proposal, and determines which proposal is best. For that, we relied entirely upon the Integrify script.”

According to Integrify, its solution benefits Red Bull in the following ways:

  • the Private Cloud version of Integrify gives Red Bull its own server to keep information in the system protected from a shared host server;
  • managers find the system convenient and easy to use, because each step of the acquisition request and approval process is automated and simple to track;
  • managers have everything in one place so they can take a look and either accept or reject a request; and
  • the company can store records of previous requests within the system for reference, and the reporting functionality is a convenient way to track assets over time.

Red Bull has also started to use Integrify for asset disposal. Paul Proano, CFO Latin America, Red Bull, says, “Thanks to Yapaweb’s services and the Integrify platform, we were able to eliminate our old paper-based sign-off system for CAPEX [capital expenditure]. Our review and approval process has been greatly improved; plus, it keeps a record of the activity so we can reduce room for mistakes.”

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