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Prime Healthcare protects critical electronic health records

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Prime Healthcare has implemented a software solution to simplify data management and improve patient care by maintaining a high level of safety and privacy of electronic health records (EHRs). The healthcare organization, with 44 acute-care hospitals and more than 7,700 patient beds across 14 states, has standardized on Commvault Software.

Commvault reports that by using its centralized, automated solution for protecting more than 400 TBs of data, Prime Healthcare will safeguard hundreds of clinical and operational systems while providing elevated support for the EPIC EHR backup and recovery. Additionally, Prime Healthcare has architected a secure platform from the ground up to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of a multipronged approach to data protection.

Erik Milham, senior director of enterprise IT operations and infrastructure for Prime Healthcare, says, “By architecting a complete data protection plan with Commvault, we have an automatic lifeline should disaster strike. We’ll continue to build upon this best-of-class platform and innovate with Commvault to ensure that if something happens, pulling in Epic and other hospital systems will be as automatic as breathing.”

As a key part of Prime Healthcare’s IT strategy, Commvault will support the company’s goal to migrate 10 hospitals to Epic per year while continuing to support its aggressive acquisition plans.

“Protecting our recently purchased assets as quickly as possible is a critical business priority,” Milham says. “Commvault supports our imperative to drive better medical outcomes while responding immediately to any unplanned downtime or disaster recovery event that could threaten our ability to deliver the highest levels of patient care excellence.”

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