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Primary care group adopts solution that delivers flexible cloud faxing

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Premier Medical Group has enhanced the security, service and speed of its patient information exchange. The company, which offers independent primary care in Arizona, will use OpenText RightFax with OpenText RightFax Connect for a scalable, hybrid fax solution that leverages the OpenText Cloud.

Dr. Sunny Maheshwari, executive board director at Premier Medical Group, says, “When filling prescriptions, patients want them waiting at the pharmacy five to 10 minutes after leaving our office. If their prescription is not there, we start getting calls. With only two desktops with modems in our server room for incoming and outgoing faxes, staff were left waiting to use the single phone line for each prescription. We needed a solution that could handle multiple faxes at the same time, especially during peak business hours.” 

Maheshwari continues, “The security of patient health information was a key concern for us. Incoming faxes were being stored on our servers, which meant independent servers were floating around holding patient data. OpenText offers a secure system with centralized servers and all the documents in one location to help mitigate this risk and meet HIPAA compliance.”

According to OpenText, RightFax Connect eliminates the time and cost of configuring, troubleshooting and implementing fax boards, gateways, capacity planning, channels and phone lines. Instead, it takes the telephony component to the cloud. The solution delivers flexible cloud faxing that scales automatically to provide capacity for large fax volumes, including bursts and peaks, OpenText adds.

Premier Medical Group also chose the solution because it integrates with the company’s existing applications. RightFax integrates fax with email, electronic medical record systems (EMRs), desktop and document management applications and enables high-volume, automated fax delivery from CRM, ERP, ECM, vertical and other host applications. Premier Medical Group was particularly interested in tight integration with its EMR, NextGen Healthcare applications.

Maheshwari concludes, “With medicine, every day is a challenge. There are new things that come up, whether it is HIPAA requirements, secure faxing or patient compliance. Trying to partner with the right company is important to our organization to make sure that we have the ability to scale; do things in a clear, systematic manner; and make sure resources are available so that as we grow, we can troubleshoot problems and address them. With OpenText, we do not have to worry about patient data sitting somewhere and worry about what needs to be done with that; that is very beneficial.”

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