Predictive ranking tool helps lower costs in legal case

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DSi, an electronic discovery company, is using a predictive ranking product called Insight Predict from Catalyst to help decrease workflow and expenditures. While working for a law firm client in a case involving a government inquiry into a national healthcare company, DSi found that its technology combined with the Catalyst solution resulted in a 72 percent reduction in workflow and a 90 percent cut in costs over traditional linear review.

Early in the case, DSi and the law firm realized that more data was involved than they had initially thought. To cull the data to a more manageable amount, they started using keyword searches based on DSi’s proprietary iterative search and sampling techniques. Then they tested the searches using Catalyst’s PowerSearch utility and refined the key terms to optimize results.

John Burchfield, DSi VP of business development, says, “Insight Predict is a very powerful tool that could revolutionize technology-assisted review. The results from our first case using Predict were stellar, especially compared to a manual review. When Predict was fully trained, it reduced the amount of documents to be reviewed by 72 percent, compared to a linear review. This will lead to dramatic cost and time savings during attorney review, which will greatly benefit our clients.”

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