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Online travel site uses market intelligence to ward off competition

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Jetsetter, which is in the luxury travel business, focuses on flash sales in which members have a short time to buy a travel deal. When and how Jetsetter prices its offers is crucial because of all the competition in the market. With consumers more empowered than ever with the ability to book hotels and flights easily online, Jetsetter sought to build a data-driven competitive advantage in the travel industry.

The company realized it needed more detailed market intelligence about what its competitors were selling and at what prices at any given time, so it could build a better pricing and mechanizing strategy. Jetsetter turned to Kapow Software, a Kofax company, to monitor the offers of its competitors on the Web. That approach has provided Jetsetter with the intelligence to know when and how much to price its hotel offers.

Shaun Stewart, VP of sales and operations at Jetsetter, explains, “Kapow Software provided us with a leg up in an industry where we had access to all competitors’ price points. It gave us intelligence to figure out how to merchandize and be more strategic about everything we sold.”

Kapow Software reports that its technology gave Jetsetter an ability to access information rapidly and to scale quickly as new competition emerged. In April 2013, Jetsetter was acquired by TripAdvisor.

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