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Nikkei enhances its data-driven culture

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Nikkei, a large media group in Japan with more than 3.7 million online members and 545,000 subscribers, wanted to build a more data-driven organization, so it enlisted Domo to improve its marketing organization.

Domo will help Nikkei build a data-driven culture and speed a digital-first initiative to distribute online news faster than print. It will enhance customer engagement on the Nikkei ID membership services covering major online news websites of the Nikkei group and will boost marketing return on investment, according to Domo.

Nikkei will leverage Domo to provide everyone companywide with real-time, relevant data to make decisions. It will put data directly in the hands of decision-makers, enabling them to reduce the time and steps needed for data collection and reporting. Having the infrastructure to leverage data will support the digital-first initiative and promote a data-driven culture across the organization.

Hideki Yamauchi, deputy manager of the BtoC Unit, Digital Business at Nikkei, says, “Being closer to data is essential to adopting a data-driven culture that promotes the business and services. We have invested in the infrastructure and tools for data collection and analysis, but Domo is the only tool that can be used easily without expertise. We expect that it will play an important role to visualize the data on a daily basis and to improve the business based on data. By establishing an environment for each person to leverage data for understanding the values expected by the audience to see the depth of relationships with them, we believe that the digital-first initiative will be accelerated.”

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