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Navigating Walgreens

Customers to the Walgreens.com online pharmacy and drugstore are using a new search solution to shop more easily for products and to find general information about the site. Walgreen Co. has selected Endeca InFront to provide search, navigation and merchandising across Walgreens.com.

The new system combines accurate and advanced search capabilities with guided navigation--a discovery technology that leverages characteristics of products and content to dynamically group results and present valid refinement and exploration options, according to a press release from Endeca.

The system is also said to improve a retailer's ability to offer custom merchandising and promotions based on a shopper's search terms and any resulting guided navigation refinements.

For example, a search on Walgreens.com for "baby formula" returns 190 product matches and six site information matches, along with a promotion for a featured infant formula product and health information on enhanced baby formulas, according to Endeca. The new guided navigation technology automatically categorizes those results on the fly, giving the shopper the ability to quickly filter the results by attributes such as brand, price range, "features" and category/department. By selecting the Walgreens option under brand, the shopper can hone his or her results from 190 to 12.

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