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NBA team migrates e-mail system to the cloud

The National Basketball Association’s New Orleans Hornets have chosen a new e-mail management system to ensure their e-mail system is available on any Web-enabled computer.

The Hornets have implemented cloud-based Mimecast Unified Email Management (UEM) to archive, secure and ensure the availability of e-mail. The Hornets send and receive thousands of e-mail messages each day that range in subject matter from potential player trades to third-party vendor relations, according to a report from Mimecast.

Tod Caflisch, the Hornets’ VP of IT, says, “Mimecast’s high-level integration with Microsoft Exchange allows us to bolster e-mail operations without having to train staff on how to access archived e-mail. Additionally, we are providing a layer of organizational security by archiving e-mail in the cloud, where our employees’ messages will be available as-needed from any Web-connected computer. Knowing that our organization’s critical information is protected in the face of a natural disaster is a huge relief.”

Hurricane Katrina caused significant damage to the Hornets’ headquarters, so the organization was particularly concerned with safeguarding its e-mail and other information.

Samantha Stone, Mimecast VP of marketing, North America, says, “Business continuity in the wake of severe weather is proving to be a primary motivating factor for organizations migrating business applications to the cloud.”

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