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More agile marketing for Absolut

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The Absolut Company wanted to move to the cloud to avoid managing servers and to be able to deploy code without configuring servers. The company had been using EPiServer technology to create digital experiences for many years with its Web sites such as Absolut.com, Absolutdrinks.com, Maliburumdrinks.com and Kahlua.com.

Now The Absolut Company is using the EPiServer Digital Experience Cloud running on Microsoft Azure to develop a new family of websites to support its spirit brands and gain improved time to market, reduced costs and greater ease of deployment for its Web initiatives. The company looked at various cloud solutions, but with Microsoft technology already in use with its EPiServer on-premise deployment, decided that the transition to the Microsoft Azure cloud would be easy.

The Absolut Company can now have a site up in minutes rather than days. The transition to Azure was completed in a week for the first Web site. Ten new Web sites, developed with the EPiServer cloud solution, are expected to be running soon.

Fredrik Lagerträd, digital manager, growth, for The Absolut Company, says, “We definitely would recommend the EPiServer Digital Experience Cloud on Azure because it is more stable and seamless than other digital marketing platforms. The solution itself is very customizable and provides exceptional global support. It enables you to use it the way you need to, rather than the product dictating how to use it.

“EPiServer's decision to put its cloud solution on Azure sets it ahead of other solutions; customers have the ability to actually build their product best to run in Azure. One of the key reasons to choose EPiServer is if you want Azure as your cloud solution.”

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