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Mercy modernizes its employee portal

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Mercy, a large Catholic healthcare system serving millions of patients annually, has implemented a content management system that enables uniform document management policies across its 30 hospital locations.

Mercy wanted to upgrade its content management system from an outdated intranet infrastructure to one that better serves its disparate workforce and facilities. It selected a solution from Alfresco Software for several reasons including ease of integration regarding policy compliance, ability to support a huge network, usability and cost.

Brian Boyer, director of application development for Mercy, says, “Prior to deploying Alfresco, we had what we called the ‘Wild, Wild West’—a mix of SharePoint and different technologies relying on varying support structures and no information governance. Alfresco has modernized our employee portal, driving vast efficiencies through the ability to seamlessly and securely share documents across the organization. We are looking forward to further modernizing our system with Alfresco for additional improvements to policies, procedures and document delivery so our employees get the information they need, when they need it.”

As a result of the deployment, Alfresco reports:

  • Mercy was able to synchronize more than 50,000 policies and procedures across its healthcare network;
  • Mercy’s new intranet system is accessed an average of 130,000 times daily; and
  • Mercy has, so far, saved $12,000 annually just in operating expenses.

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