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Law firm integrates cloud-based request management

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Michelman & Robinson wanted a new workflow system that would accommodate growth and changes at an affordable cost and integrate with the firm’s existing time entry system. The law firm, with 120 attorneys and staff across its offices in California and New York, looked at a number of options before choosing a solution from Integrify.

“We chose Integrify because we felt the cost point made the most sense for our needs,” says Jeep Jensen, COO of Michelman & Robinson. “It was easy to build and understand, and we could integrate it with Omega [time entry system].”

Michelman & Robinson avoided high development and maintenance costs in building request management capabilities into its existing system, according to Integrify.

Jensen says, “We’re moving a number of workflow applications to Integrify. The new client matter intake workflow is by far the biggest one; and we’ve moved all check requests, purchase requisitions and travel requests onto the platform. It’s been nice to have a one-stop shop for that.”

Jensen continues, “From a legal standpoint, we’re required by law to have a system that we review and that will identify conflicts. Integrify enables us to streamline with that system in Omega and gather the information rather than doing that manually or via e-mail. We’re able to log it into the system, track it and then make sure there’s closure on it.”

New client matter intakes require a number of approvals throughout the firm. “Just doing the approvals electronically, as opposed to moving paper in and out and doing pouch service between offices, is a huge timesaver,” Jensen adds.

Michelman & Robinson is using the Integrify Cloud service without the need to install software. The firm has an on-site server that is the bridge to move data for new client matter intakes from the Omega system to the cloud. For all other requests, the firm uses standalone workflows in Integrify Cloud.

Jensen says that the automated system expedites the process of opening new matters by at least two or three days as compared to a manual system. The firm processes 300 to 400 requests a month.

“What we didn’t have before, that has certainly saved time and increased the accuracy of our record-keeping, is our purchase request system, our credit card activity reporting and the preapprovals for all that,” Jensen explains. “It certainly has made it a much more robust system, not only for auditing and recordkeeping purposes but also accountability on those submitting and getting approvals—there’s an audit trail for that. Again, because we have multiple offices involved, that previously took place via e-mail or paper copy, which would end up getting lost or misfiled in the shuffle. This is definitely streamlined all in one place. It’s probably saved us 30 percent efficiency.”

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