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LGA automates insurance workflows

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Legal & General America (LGA) has automated its insurance workflow processes through DocPoint Solutions, an affiliate of Quality Associates, which specializes in consultation and architecture planning and design for Microsoft SharePoint and its integrated product suite.

LGA, which provides individual life insurance, has implemented DocPoint Solutions for its reinsurance workflow, and will add various workflows in the future, including marketing, product implementation, risk management, finance, audit and more. The new technology is helping LGA achieve timely approvals, enhanced interdepartmental collaboration, document security and audit compliance, according to DocPoint Solutions.

Rajesh R. Krishnan, assistant VP of application development at LGA, says, “We sought to simplify and standardize work accomplishment with automated workflows that ensure documents undergo all required approvals in a timely fashion, comply with strict audit requirements, create audit trails and are maintained in one secure place accessible only by authorized personnel.”

Krishnan adds, “DocPoint Solutions offered an attractive Microsoft product that facilitated staff transition to automation. Moreover, DocPoint took the time to analyze and understand our business requirements first and then design a solution that is responsive to our needs. The design is flexible enough to accommodate other new workflows, future growth and any changes to existing business processes.”

Michael Ratigan, VP of sales, DocPoint Solutions, says, “Like many major corporations, individual LGA departments were tracking documents and their approvals in various ways. Absent a common approach, keeping track of versioning and approvals was far more complex than it needed to be. The versatility of the SharePoint platform enabled us to deliver an electronic process that not only responded to the initial reinsurance department needs, but also could accommodate distinctly different workflows and approval cycles across the enterprise.”

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