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Intelligent BPM improves process flow and saves time

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Harris CapRock has built an intelligent business process management (BPM) solution using PNMsoft Sequence BPM suite. Harris CapRock provides managed communication services in remote and harsh locations for energy, maritime and government customers. It uses a dozen teleports on six continents and links from more than 60 satellites to connect remote customers.

Mindy Feuer, senior strategic engineer – space segment management – for Harris CapRock, explains that her team is faced with many challenges including providing services to customers under tight deadlines. That entails designing a customer circuit based on the information contained in a ticket and managing the inventory used to deliver that circuit.

Feuer says, “Our legacy ticketing system was cumbersome and inflexible. It was a static system, not process-based, and it was not evolving at the rate of our organization. As the technology changed, it became more difficult to update this system. Changing data or processes was a long and involved effort. There came a point when the only way to make changes was a complete rewrite of the code. We needed a more robust and flexible solution.”

Using the PNMsoft Sequence BPM suite, Harris CapRock now has nine separate workflows designed for specific business processes. Those include pre-sales queries; post-sales requests; processes for activating, terminating and renewing customers; and a process flow for managing contracts.

Feuer says, “The ability to update and manage our forms and tickets on the fly is a huge benefit in an environment where technology requirements are changing constantly.”

PNMsoft reports that Harris CapRock has benefited from its intelligent BPM solution in the following ways:

  • improved customer service,
  • improved inventory management,
  • greater collaboration on processes,
  • increased data visibility,
  • adaptability to change,
  • faster development,
  • easier system maintenance, and
  • rapid modifications.

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