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Integrated technology helps bank meet data challenges

A community bank in southwest Texas has deployed a Web-based business intelligence (BI) solution that allows its employees to analyze up-to-date information on their own. Kleberg First National Bank implemented software from SwiftKnowledge to reduce the time and effort its staff spends preparing and reviewing reports.

With the new system, the bank can run reporting and analytics on important banking information held in existing repositories, and bank employees--from the CEO and other officers to managers and personal bankers—have a unified, interactive dashboard view of banking data based on their job role or security permissions.

Brad Womack, VP and controller for Kleberg First National Bank, says, “As a locally owned and operated bank, we believe investing in the best technology and the best talent is our top strategy for delivering superior, consistent service to our customers. We selected SwiftKnowledge for Banking because of its ease of use and the fast rollout enabled by its out-of-the-box Jack Henry Banking integration, pre-built banking reports and pre-built dashboards. We believed--and rightly so--that these pre-built templates would enable us to rapidly create the accurate reports needed to efficiently run our bank and be useful starting points for creating our own custom reports. With the solution, all of our banking data is seamlessly combined and available for analysis, without sacrificing data integrity or network performance.”

Kleberg currently uses the solution to power a variety of BI applications, including reporting on not-sufficient-funds income, overdraft protection income and opened/closed accounts. SwiftKnowledge reports that in the future, the bank plans to use its solution’s stress tests/credit quality management and cash management applications.

“We’ve had reporting systems that provided only half the information, so we couldn’t count on the data,” Womack says. “But because of the way SwiftKnowledge is designed and integrated with our existing systems, our executive team believes the numbers, and we know there’s no doubt in the information. That makes it easier to get things done.”

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