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Indiana University rolls out data architecture initiative to bolster decision support

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Indiana University has implemented data virtualization software to create a logical data warehouse for its Decision Support Initiative (DSI).

The university has chosen the Denodo Platform to integrate disparate data sources and present the information through visualization tools, such as Tableau. With the platform, Indiana University can provide universitywide self-service business intelligence (BI) and develop interactive reports and trends using modern reporting tools. The DSI enables all Indiana University’s schools to gauge and assess fiscal trends and academic unit health. It also helps HR to identify trends in employee metrics and behavior in support of strategic staffing initiatives.

Dan Young, chief data architect at Indiana University, says, “The key innovative technology that enabled the university’s adoption of agile business intelligence was the successful use of data virtualization. The Denodo Platform provided the flexibility to solve the complex issue of university data integration. It has opened up the opportunity to create a logical data warehouse, leading to an improved self-service BI experience for users.”

The DSI is a multiyear project for improved strategic decision making across all levels throughout the university. By delivering a logical data warehouse in less time than a traditional data warehouse solution, Indiana University exhibited novel use and adoption of the agile data virtualization methodology in support of an enterprisewide data analytics and decision-making platform, according to Denodo.

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