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Giving my iPad the road warrior challenge

We’re taking a bit of a break from our regular KM in Practice article by looking at Dick Kaser’s blog (he’s VP of Content for Information Today, KMWorld’s parent company), as he tests his iPad on a two-week road trip.—Ed.

By Dick Kaser

Sure, iPads and other tablet devices work great for the gamers, the social connectors, lovers, friends and family members, but can they help a fellow do an honest day’s work?

I tried mine out on a recent reporting assignment with pretty good results. But I’m about to give my iPad the ultimate knowledge-worker challenge. I’m on a two-week business trip abroad, sans laptop.

Can a professional get by on wi/fi and apps alone?

Join me as I launch this new blog on the subject of how e-media, e-content, e-access and e-archives impact our everyday lives.

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