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Fresno County gains better visibility into its business processes

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The county of Fresno, Calif. has deployed a new workflow and business process management (BPM) solution to replace a legacy system that could not keep pace with the county’s needs.

Rick Colen, deputy director of IT for Fresno County, had sought an alternative to the old, cumbersome system. He realized that the county needed more visibility into its business processes, and that the inability to dashboard and understand the status of outstanding requests was hindering its ability to conduct business.

Following a four-month vendor assessment and evaluation of six workflow and BPM products, the county chose Process Director from BP Logix. The solution was selected as the best to meet current and future needs by the IT staff working in conjunction with the communications, facilities and fleet departments.

Colen says, “We developed the electronic request automation management system to automate the workflows and processes that run the county--from simple telephone service requests to ordering tablets and software.” The county needed a solution that would review and report on the activities within its processes, as well as be able to anticipate potential problems before they occurred.

“The biggest challenge we faced,” Colen says, “was not having a mechanism for determining when a process should be completed--nor having a timeline within our structure to know, in advance, whether that process may fail altogether. Those are two of the reasons we selected Process Director.”

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