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Enterprise search solution achieves high adoption rate

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Lowenstein Sandler has selected a new enterprise search platform to boost productivity and manage data more effectively. Law firm consultants ii3 helped Lowenstein Sandler find the solution, which involves unstructured data management and analysis technology from Recommind.

The firm has more than 500 lawyers and staff in California, New Jersey and New York, and wanted a solution that would seamlessly integrate with existing servers, databases and the document management system. After an evaluation, the firm chose the Decisiv Search platform from Recommind. Lowenstein Sandler already has undertaken an initial rollout, which achieved more than 70 percent user adoption.

Christopher Zegers, chief information officer at Lowenstein Sandler, says, “Security and usability were two of our top requirements. Ii3 guided our evaluation and pilot so that we were able to achieve both requirements. Since then, our production rollout has exceeded our expectations with a user adoption rate of 70 percent in the first month.”

Zegers continues, “The Decisiv platform uses and conforms to all existing native security profiles, giving us confidence that the federated search is secure. As for usability, most often, we are finding what we need in one search. Concept clustering and intuitive filters yield remarkable precision and recall.”

According to Recommind, Decisiv Search combines sophisticated enterprise search technology with a simple user interface that helps users find the information they want quickly. Rules-based access enables secure customization of results for each user, giving optimal relevancy in context as well as increased control over displaying and ranking information by administrators.

Kitty Schweyer, director of knowledge and research services at Lowenstein Sandler, says, “We wanted an interactive way to introduce Recommind’s revolutionary products to our users, and used gamification for the rollout. The 70 percent adoption rate validates the design, ease of use and power of the search platform. Ii3 delivered the analysis and evaluation we needed to move quickly. Our confidence has been borne out by the high adoption rate and favorable internal reviews.”

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