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Enhancing agility to grow business

The financial services firm Oakam has selected a business process management (BPM) solution to help ensure that its processes and systems are robust and able to grow with the business. Oakam had completed a project to define the target operating model at each stage of the customer life cycle, and implementing that target operating model required scalable BPM software.

Oakam evaluated various options before proceeding to a proof of concept stage with two vendors and eventually choosing TotalAgility from Singularity.

Nidhi Maheshwari, project manager of Oakam who led the proof of concept review, says, “We needed to fully understand the functionality of both the solutions and future working relationships, which was crucial in the final selection process. Singularity showed innovation and leadership with its focus on business process agility. It was evident that through the implementation of the TotalAgility product, Oakam will have the ability to realize its goals within a very short timeframe and be self-sufficient.”

Initial project deliverables include streamlining the onboard process of new customers and general operations of Oakam. TotalAgility will offer exceptional levels of service to Oakam’s customers while helping to bring new products to market more quickly, according to Singularity.

Frederick Nze, Oakam CEO, says, “By bringing Singularity onboard, Oakam will quickly be able to integrate existing systems, which will ultimately allow us to scale rapidly as an organization. We are excited about this next stage of growth, realizing the long-term benefits of becoming more agile as an organization.”

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