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Eco-friendly packaging provider chooses cloud-based solution

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BioPak, a sustainable packaging solutions provider, has replaced its existing applications and spreadsheets with a cloud-based business management system. BioPak will use the new solution, NetSuite OneWorld, to manage its global financials, inventory, order management, CRM, e-commerce, third-party warehouse partnerships and other key business processes.

According to NetSuite, its customization capabilities enabled BioPak to create a range of automated business tools, including a carbon tax calculator that computes its greenhouse gas emissions to maintain a carbon neutral status, and a freight calculator that determines the least expensive freight costs in real time.

Steven Orleow of BioPak says, “NetSuite empowers us to do what we need, gives us a very real-time view of our business and supply chain, and provides a single platform to manage our ERP, finance, order management, CRM and e-commerce, without the need for add-ons and other products. Its many system-based alerts also allow us to focus on problems that arise in our business as opposed to the everyday orders, which is very powerful for us.”

Orleow adds, “We knew business growth was coming, and we managed to get NetSuite implemented in time to smoothly manage the increase in volume, without adding a huge amount of additional overhead.”

BioPak, based in Sydney, produces and distributes plant-based biodegradable and compostable packaging solutions across Australia and New Zealand, with its biggest market in coffee cups. Rapid growth strained its small business software, leading the company to look at various on-premise enterprise ERP solutions. BioPak, however, concluded that NetSuite’s cloud-based business management would better support its future expansion plans regionally and globally.

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