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ECM aids charity for children

An enterprise content management implementation at a U.K. child protection charity will focus initially on the organization's intranet before being rolled out to its Internet and extranet sites.

The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) is using the new system to redesign the structure of its intranet and to improve knowledge sharing, according to a recent news release.

Gary Smith, project manager at the NSPCC, explains, "The NSPCC intranet is currently a mixture of static Web pages and dynamic applications, with over 90 authors contributing content. The intranet already shares content with some of the society's Internet and extranet sites, but significant developer time is needed to achieve this. Even simple publishing to some of our Internet sites required the involvement of developers. We wanted to implement a centrally managed corporate style, pull content from across the organization into a managed environment, place content management back in the hands of the Web authors and enable them to carry out content updates and changes easily and reuse existing content without technical assistance."

After evaluating a number of content management systems, the NSPCC chose Percussion's Rhythmyx 5 enterprise solution. The society felt the solution best met its needs for:

  • ease of use for business users,
  • simplified content reuse,
  • cost-effective consolidation, and
  • back-office integration.

"We now have a robust, reliable and flexible enterprise content management solution, which will improve content and knowledge management throughout the organization," says Smith. "Not only will we speed up our publishing process through placing content authoring in the hands of business users, but also the system's architecture will enable us to deliver multiple types of content to specific audiences quickly and cost-effectively.

"Initially, we will migrate our intranet into Rhythmyx, and in the future we will be able to promote the NSPCC through new innovative delivery channels at no extra cost."

The NSPCC's responsibilities include 180 community-based projects throughout the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, a 24-hour child protection helpline, public education campaigns, parliamentary campaigns, child protection training and advice, research, information resources and fundraising through individual and corporate sponsors.

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