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Creating conversational interactions with customers

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Wirecard, a global specialist in digital financial technology, will enlist chatbot software from Astute Solutions. The company will deploy Astute Bot to enable users of its boon app, a mobile payment solution available in Europe, to receive personalized service interactions through a messaging interface.

Wirecard began using artificial intelligence in its risk management system in recent years and is now deploying AI-fueled features in the field of consumer interactions and customer support.

Georg von Waldenfels, executive VP of consumer solutions at Wirecard, says, “By continuously expanding its value proposition, boon by Wirecard has become an advanced mobile payment ecosystem, which is far beyond payment-only. We are excited to soon be offering a further enhanced consumer interaction experience, which is well advanced versus market standard.”

The boon app allows users to make mobile, contactless payments at NFC-capable point of sale locations. Launched in 2015, boon is currently available in Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, Spain, United Kingdom, France, Switzerland and Italy.

Astute Bot, which is driven by narrow artificial intelligence and natural language processing, creates conversational interactions with customers, determining the intent of the request and the best answer from multiple data sources, including authored content, external sources and other business systems.

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