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BPM helps charity revamp its budget process

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To make its budget process more efficient, The Royal British Legion has launched a new workflow and business process management (BPM) system. The U.K. service charity, which provides practical care and support to members of the armed forces, veterans and their families, has deployed K2’s blackpearl solution.

The Royal British Legion’s financial department had found its old system, with its password-protected spreadsheets, to be overly complicated and time-consuming. Faheem Nusrat, a SharePoint consultant with The Royal British Legion, says, “Much of the finance department’s time was wasted administering the process and reminding people of their passwords.”

Nusrat adds, “As a charity, it was important for The Royal British Legion to be accountable and demonstrate transparency in its financial process.”

With the launch of its solution, K2 reports the service charity has experienced the following benefits:

  • improved efficiency,
  • better visibility of the budget process and,
  • tighter financial management. 

The new K2-based budget process is faster and easier to use, according to the company. Also, employees can log into Microsoft SharePoint and immediately see the overall status of the budget process and a personalized list of to-do items. By integrating with the Microsoft SQL Server, K2 blackpearl helps to provide managers with a single, up-to-date view of the status of the budgets from all cost centers.

Nusrat says, “I estimate that the financial department has gained over 300 hours per year. This time saving enables the finance team to focus on deeper budget management issues and other strategic tasks that are of more importance to the organization as a whole.”

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