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ISACA, an international association of business technology professionals, has more than 138,000 members in 188 countries. To help its global community succeed, ISACA produces a range of content including journals, white papers, survey reports, newsletters and ebooks. ISACA found that traditional content creation and management tools could not support the content requirements of today, especially the growing demand for multichannel content.

The ISACA content team began to search for a content platform that would allow it to:

  • maintain a single source of content—a “version of record”—for each digital asset and content object, including version history and translations;
  • create structured content components in XML, including rich metadata, so content can be easily searched and stored in a central repository;
  • offer both internal and external subject matter experts a simple, Word-like authoring tool that allows for the creation of structured content;
  • support multichannel publishing in which a single source of content can be used to produce content that is optimized for various delivery channels including print, online, mobile and ebook;
  • repurpose and recombine existing content to create new content products; and
  • provide the ability to view analytical statistics of content.

After evaluating a number of solutions based on that criteria, ISACA chose Quark Enterprise Solutions for content automation. According to Quark, its content automation platform removes manual, error-prone processes from the content lifecycle to allow organizations to deliver the right content to the right audience at the right time.

Jen Hajigeorgiou, director of content management and development at ISACA, says, “In addition to meeting our most important solution criteria, we chose Quark based on the team’s holistic approach to the entire content lifecycle, the simple user interface that the platform offers internal and external authors and reviewers, and the company’s focus on customer service.”

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