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1000bulbs.com casts spotlight on ERP

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An enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that 1000Bulbs.com installed in 2007 has helped fueled an annual growth rate of 30 to 35 percent, the company reported at a recent event.

The Internet-based retailer of more than 30,000 lighting-related products implemented an ERP system from SYSPRO. The solution has supported more than a million customers of 1000Bulbs.com, processing as many as 3,600 daily orders during the busy December holiday season.

The deployment at 1000Bulbs.com is a full suite of operational modules suitable for e-commerce, ranging from financials, purchasing, human resources and order management through analysis and requirements planning.

1000Bulbs.com CEO Kim Pedersen says, “We all hear and read regularly of big and small enterprise software providers that fall short on promises made regarding their technology capabilities, deployment schedules and resource commitments. I’d like to provide a contrasting example of a midsize ERP company that has provided outsized performance across multiple dimensions. The technology is not only world class and capable of supporting a complex and rapidly growing business like ours, but the corporate culture of SYSPRO is also fantastic.”

Pedersen also praised the ERP provider for the level of customer service, scalability, customization and data/system integration capabilities it provides.

1000Bulbs.com employs 200 people in the Dallas area. The 20-year-old company processes more than 1,700 customer orders per day, and ships out an average of 3,700 packages per day.

(Image courtesy of ShutterStock.com)

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