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  • June 15, 2010
  • News

Not your father’s intranet

Ektron has released eIntranet, a complete solution for intranets that integrates elements of Ektron's core technology and gives businesses a powerful and trusted intranet solution. The company says eIntranet combines social software and Web content management (WCM) in one enterprise application, and the familiar interface and Ektron's robust WCM functionality raises the daily value of the intranet for businesses. Activity streams, a gallery of widgets, mobile engagement and in-context analytic tools ensure that eIntranet is easy to deploy, use and extend—either on-premise, hosted or in the cloud.

Ektron reports the major 10 new features include:

    Activity streams and timeline navigation. The most useful information finds the employees who need it most. Like ratings, status and activity updates on social networking sites, eIntranet gives employees a real-time picture of what's happening in a company at the moment and what information has been the most effective for their peers.

    Collaboration. Using personal profiles, groupspaces, forums, blogs, calendars and wikis, internal teams can collaborate on documents before sharing them with the entire organization. eIntranet ensures that everyone is informed instantly of status updates and has access to the most recent versions of documents.

    Micro-messaging. Notification and filtering engines provide only relevant information.

    Mobile engagement. Critical information is delivered to employees via SMS alerts, e-mail or the eIntranet Mobile App anywhere, anytime.

    Analytics. The Ektron Open Analytics provider gives in-context information about eIntranet usage and adoption by tracking activity, trends and popular areas.

    Findability. Its search and tag clouds are built on search and navigation best practices. Taxonomy enhances how information and documents are organized, going beyond folder structure to make collateral more findable.

    Widget-based functionality. IT departments can use Ektron's customizable widgets to integrate with business-critical systems. The widgets also extend the functionality of eIntranet. Developers and marketers can create their own widgets or download the latest widgets from the Ektron Exchange. Drag-and-drop widgets may be added or removed based on preference or advanced technical intranet demands.

    Combination of social software and WCM. Social software by itself does not make an effective intranet; they require a content management platform to provide the workflow, document and content management and organization capabilities that are essential to productive and secure collaboration.

    Integration. The eIntranet can become a portal for other enterprise applications such as Sharepoint, CRM, HR and ERP systems.

    Easy to deploy, customize and extend. eIntranet gives authors the power to create, edit and manage web and document content without technical resources.

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