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Having a comprehensive, highly secure enterprise search capability—one that fills the gap between specialized search systems and Web-focused search tools—can be a key business asset, and is essential to effective knowledge management for corporations and government entities. When enterprise search has a strong emphasis on knowledge management, intellectual property, e-discovery and compliance, it becomes the foundation for comprehensive risk management.

Celebrate the Success Stories of Knowledge Management - 2022 KMWorld Awards

HammerRTC’s launch for Amazon Connect invites assurance solutions for contact center efficiency

Global leader in automated end-to-end testing and assurance solutions, Hammer, is announcing its release of HammerRTC, launching in conjunction with Amazon Connect, a self-service, cloud-based contact center solution from AWS. Among the benefits of this integration for development operations teams are features like accelerated deployment, independent migration validation to Amazon Connect, optimized customer-user experience, and overall risk reduction.

$15M in Series A funding fuels product development for marketing measurement platform Northbeam

Northbeam is a ML-powered marketing measurement platform for DTC and ecommerce brands whose recent funding will fuel product development for the enterprise, such as expanding its ML capabilities

Flywheel 2.0 launch by Teikametrics automates keyword harvest for efficient online ad management

The only enhanced AI-targeting algorithm to automatically cross-pollinate keyword targets between marketplaces

Access Innovations adds Recommender to Data Harmony to improve search

Recommender improves user search experience

Expanding search with knowledge intelligence    

This KMWorld webinar focuses on enriching search with AI

Stravito and KnowledgeHound collaborate to offer all insights and survey data in a single platform

Stravito users with a KnowledgeHound subscription can now access all their research in one place to quickly evaluate survey data

2022 KMWorld Readers' Choice Awards voting is now open

Vote now for the 2022 KMWorld Readers' Choice Awards

Improving collaboration in the global and digital workplace

Find out how Starmind helped Genentech connect its workforce to the right information

Connecting every employee to the organization's collective knowledge

This KMWorld webinar explores knowledge sharing processes

Kofax introduces feature-rich release of Power PDF 5

PDF platform celebrates 20 years with the most feature-rich release since its inception

Last Call for Nominations for the 2022 KMWorld Readers' Choice Awards

Winners will be announced in the November/December 2022 issue of KMWorld magazine

Harnessing intelligent content services with SearchBlox

Dive into the emerging best practices and strategies for transforming ECM at your business

FileTrail and Access collaborate to make advancements in records management and governance

New API connector enables seamless integration between FileTrail software and the digitally enabled record centers of Access to advance digital transformation worldwide

CogniVision aims to reinvent document viewing and display technology

The new viewer reinvents enterprise content search by leveraging the power of the human brain for the last mile of search

Nomination Process Extended for the 2022 KMWorld Readers’ Choice Awards

Winners will be announced in the November/December 2022 issue of KMWorld magazine

MANTA secures $35 million in latest funding round to continue to support data lineage

New funding enables continued expansion of global footprint and automated data management solutions

Stravito creates Atlas, a visual insights tool for market research

By empowering any team to explore available research, the self-service tool encourages organizationwide knowledge integration while driving even higher platform adoption

Enhancing employee knowledge sharing and collaboration can lead to improved ROI

More than $1 million is lost every month due to inaccessible knowledge in a company with 1,000 employees, according to new research

Broadcom to acquire VMware in historic deal

The acquisition brings together two engineering-first, innovation-centric cultures

KMWorld opens nominations for the 2022 KMWorld Readers’ Choice Awards

The 2022 KMWorld Readers' Choice Awards nominations process has opened. Only nominated products can be voted upon—so it is important to submit your nominations now to ensure that your trusted products are eligible when the voting starts.