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Having a comprehensive, highly secure enterprise search capability—one that fills the gap between specialized search systems and Web-focused search tools—can be a key business asset, and is essential to effective knowledge management for corporations and government entities. When enterprise search has a strong emphasis on knowledge management, intellectual property, e-discovery and compliance, it becomes the foundation for comprehensive risk management.

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Miro debuts Intelligent Canvas to accelerate the innovation lifecycle

Includes a series of new capabilities that will redefine how teams bring new products and services to market

Nexis+ AI transforms corporate research with extensive, effortless information retrieval and summarization

LexisNexis?Legal & Professional, a leading global provider of information and analytics, is debuting Nexis+ AI, a generative AI (GenAI)-powered decision intelligence platform that enhances corporate research processes. Born from the fact that there is more data than ever, yet data consumers have less time to access that information, Nexis+ AI empowers these entities with highly efficient, highly effortless research processes, giving enterprises a competitive edge.

Where GenAI fits and where it doesn’t: Examining implementation with Lucidworks

Phil Ryan, VP strategy and innovation at Lucidworks, and Eric Redman, senior director, data science and analytics at Lucidworks, joined KMWorld's webinar, Governing Enterprise Knowledge in the AI Era: Enhancing Relevance with LLMs and RAG, to examine a variety of methods that employ LLMs and RAG to revolutionize business knowledge management—including enhanced tagging, categorization, summarization, and more.

Augmenting product discovery and ecommerce journeys with GenAI

Experts joined KMWorld's webinar to explore how GenAI is rapidly changing the world of search and product experiences, from technological requirements to customer expectations

Qdrant introduces pure vector-based hybrid search solution

This release helps to make vector search more universally applicable

Yext adds AI-led recommendation capabilities to revolutionize search strategies

Yext announces Listings Recommendations, delivering AI-led insights to help customers accelerate discoverability and customer engagement

2024 KMWorld Readers’ Choice Awards: Submit your nominations now!

It's time again to choose the best of the best for the KMWorld Readers' Choice Awards—the 2024 KMWorld Readers' Choice Awards nominations process is now open! This contest is unique because the winning products and services are selected by you, KMWorld's readers.

Precisely expands its data enrichment and geo addressing portfolio

New global Address Fabric and Property Attributes offerings help customers access unparalleled location-based insights, supercharged by the PreciselyID

Solix debuts its cloud-based, low-cost, AI-powered document management solution

Solix ECS is an affordable, all-in-one solution engineered to combat legacy paper and file management systems preventing many organizations from truly modernizing

Poka adds next-generation AI features to its Connected Worker platform

New AI features enable shop floor workers in manufacturing to work smarter, not harder

ProSearch incorporates Intelligent Voice to its suite of tools to improve discovery

With increasing volumes of multimedia in ediscovery data collections, ProSearch leverages AI for accurate transcription and analysis of audio and video files

Pega GenAI Blueprint accelerates transformational app design

New capabilities signal a revolution in how enterprises think about their workflows

Anomalo now delivers AI-powered monitoring of unstructured text

nstructured text documents can be curated and evaluated for data quality around various document and document collection characteristics

Talkdesk Autopilot for Retail bolsters complex CX

Retailers can easily use generative artificial intelligence to improve the self-service experience and empower agents to drive more business value from customer interactions

The past, present, and future of search with Ontotext, Northern Light, and Workgrid

To help shed some necessary light on advances in search, experts joined KMWorld's webinar to explore what the near future may hold for these prevailing trends—both challenges and benefits alike

Arrive Technology rebrands as Arrive AI, further enhances automated delivery

The Fishers "smart mailbox" company plans to lead the Autonomous Last Mile industry and, at scale, to be a leader in AI

CAST Imaging expands use of generative AI to speed up application modernization

The enhanced GenAI capabilities and new features make it easier than ever for users to gain deep insights into their applications

Boosting LLM reliability with RAG

AI and search experts joined KMWorld's webinar, Optimizing LLMs with RAG: Key Technologies and Best Practices, to discuss how search reliability can be maximized through retrieval augmented generation (RAG)

NICE introduces new back-office capabilities to effectively manage entire CX workforce

Latest NICE WFM release advances True-To-Interval (TTI) capabilities, enabling organizations to fuse front and back office CX operations

Sinequa debuts new line of GenAI assistants, renews company focus on advancing AI in the enterprise

Combining Sinequa's Search with GenAI provides the ultimate AI Assistant and virtual coworker