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Staff members increasingly expect to use mobile devices at inside and outside the office.  The need to to seamlessly connect to your corporate infrastructure is important.  Organizations are adopting new tools to harness this power of mobile knowledge, and enterprise mobile solutions.

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Maptician collaborates with Embrava to elevate workplace productivity

The combined expertise will provide clients with a dynamic suite of workplace optimization solutions

1Kosmos BlockID validates the authenticity of government identity documents

1Kosmos BlockID enables organizations to extend web identity proofing sessions to mobile devices for app-less document verification

Rocket Software intends to acquire OpenText’s Application Modernization and Connectivity business

Combined entity will offer compelling portfolio of solutions to support the world's largest companies in their modernization and hybrid cloud journeys

KX launches KDB.AI Server for enterprise-scale generative AI

KDB.AI Server Edition isn't just a new product, it's a leap into the generative AI era

Cohesity brings enhanced data security and backup protections to Microsoft 365

Integration of Cohesity DataProtect and Microsoft 365 Backup Storage aims to deliver fast data recovery and resilience against cyber risk

Uniphore amplifies enterprise AI with breakthrough capabilities for the X Platform

Uniphore delivers real-time AI that processes multiple modes of data across an enterprise-grade platform

Spiff revamps its mobile application to simplify how sales reps access commission data

Enhanced app re-orients the mobile statement view around deals rather than payout rules, making it easier for reps to understand what's driving their commission payouts

Alorica and Genesys collaborate to deliver AI-powered results for global enterprises

To meet the demand for reliable AI interventions, Alorica and Genesys are teaming up to unlock the highest value of emerging technology for brands

Redis Cloud supports LangChain OpenGPTs Project

Latest collaboration continues companies' work to unlock developer's ability to create innovative AI-driven applications and experiences

Messagepoint introduces generative AI capabilities for accessible communication and translation

Features provide quick and accurate translation of customer communications into 80-plus languages and plain language rewrites of content that meets ISO standards

TELUS and Five9 collaborate to provide end-to-end contact center as a service with AI-driven insights

Strategic partnership revolutionizes customer support solutions and uplevels customer interactions, delivering unmatched efficiency and personalization

Transform the enterprise with UiPath’s Business Automation Platform enhancements

Includes powerful new capabilities with specialized AI and generative AI, new developer productivity tools, and UiPath Automation Cloud improvements

Copyleaks offers a plagiarism detection platform, an AI-generated source code detector

The new tool, Codeleaks, can detect AI-made source code with 99.8% accuracy


The award-winning organization demonstrates how it goes beyond simply delivering technology to working with clients to ensure that both the technology and knowledge processes are embedded into the work processes

2023 KM REALITY AWARD WINNER: Inter-American Development Bank

The winners of the KM Promise and KM Reality awards are designed to celebrate the success stories of knowledge management

Marrying KM with AI at KMWorld 2023

At KMWorld 2023, Ian Hook, director, KM and insights excellence, Novartis, discussed Novartis' journey to implement GPT-like solutions and how proper KM principles are essential to making it work during his session, "How KM Saved AI: The GPT Journey"

Jakub Zavrel of Zeta Alpha talks putting GPT on a leash at KMWorld 2023

At KMWorld 2023, Jakub Zavrel, CEO, Zeta Alpha discussed the core concepts of retrieval in augmented generative AI, including neural and vector search, prompting frameworks like LangChain, tips and tricks for prompt engineering, and proprietary and open source large language model

Systematic knowledge sharing at KMWorld 2023

At KMWorld 2023, Thais Colicchio and Fernando Fukunaga shared successful case studies from the Brazilian KM Society; learnings about their main challenges, practical solutions, implementations; and more

Using tech to create KM secret sauce at KMWorld 2023

Brad English, Michele Myers, Pablo Gomes discuss "Using Tech to Create KM Secret Sauce" during their KMWorld 2023 session

Institutionalizing global KM and organizational learning at KMWorld 2023

At KMWorld 2023, Adrian Rivera-Reyes, Melissa Patsalides, and Thom Sinclair,  explained the KMOL process during their session