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Competitive intelligence is the collection and analysis of data and information surrounding competitors and market trends. Competitive intelligence operations allow organizations to receive the vital information necessary to develop short- and long-term strategies and identify opportunities and weaknesses. See below for the latest competitive intelligence news, trends, and solutions.

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Next-gen Fortify Audit Assistant by OpenText empowers AppSec audit accuracy and performance

OpenText, The Information Company, is debuting the next interaction of Fortify Audit Assistant, an AppSec solution designed to integrate security at the beginning of the software development lifecycle—code inception.

Gulp Data partners with Snowflake to expand delivery of its data valuation and monetization services

Gulp Data, the provider of data valuations, data-backed loans, and data monetization services, is announcing a partnership with Snowflake, the Data Cloud company, with the purpose of expanding Gulp Data's finance insights for data assets to the Snowflake user base.

Amplitude continues to empower great digital experiences with Session Replay

Amplitude, Inc., the digital analytics platform provider that helps companies unlock the power of their products, is announcing a series of improvements that empowers enterprises to develop a greater understanding of customer behavior and engagement for positive business outcomes. The three new capabilities—Session Replay, Experiment for web, and Visual tag editor—promotes more attractive, engaging user experiences through intuitive, robust, and automated features.

iGrafx and Planaletix partner to empower AI accessibility, productivity, and more

iGrafx, the process intelligence solutions provider, is announcing a strategic partnership with Planaletix, an innovative artificial intelligence company based in the United Arab Emirates, with the goal of democratizing advanced AI technology and increasing its productivity. By merging the powers of iGrafx's expertise in process intelligence with Planaletix's dedication to AI efficiency and innovation, the two companies embark on an integration that drives operational excellence and successful digital transformation, according to the vendors.

Stravito attains updated certification for ISO/IEC 27001:2022 for information security

The new ISO certification, combined with existing security frameworks, demonstrates Stravito's industry-leading commitment to data protection and platform security

Parallels releases DaaS solution for the hybrid workforce

Parallels redefines DaaS, providing a next-gen solution as it ensures fast and easy management without IT specialist skills at a competitive TCO

Successfully implementing natural language processing and GenAI with knowledge management

Experts from Datavid joined KMWorld's webinar, Integrating LLMs With a Private Knowledge Platform, to discuss the benefits, latest advancements, and best practices for integrating AI/LLMs into private knowledge platforms.

Rootstock Financials addresses industry issues head-on, provides a centralized command center for real-time financial insights

Enterprise financials to help drive key decisions across a manufacturer's broader Signal Chain strategy 

Valid8 Financial secures $8.5M to shape the verified financial intelligence category

AI-powered forensic accounting solution secures $8.5 million Series A fundraise led by Silverton Partners

Kofax rebrands as Tungsten Automation to reflect its AI-powered workflow automation focus

The company aims to improve customer efficiency and reduce costs with intelligent automation solutions

deepset debuts quantifiable LLM response accuracy with latest capability

deepset, the company behind the popular Haystack open source framework for building NLP services, is debuting a revolutionary capability to its cloud platform that offers insights into the precision and accuracy of LLM generative AI (GenAI) responses.

Franz releases AllegroGraph Cloud, empowering users to create Neuro-Symbolic AI Knowledge Graphs

AllegroGraph Cloud offers the first Knowledge Graphs-as-a-Service for Neuro-Symbolic AI applications

Pecan AI debuts Predictive GenAI, an ML- and AI-powered predictive solution for business users

Pecan AI, the AI-based predictive analytics company for data analysts and business teams, is debuting Predictive GenAI, a machine learning (ML) and generative AI (GenAI) solution born from the growing divide between the promises of AI and predictive technology and the realities of its lagging implementation and success. Predictive GenAI enables organizations to rapidly integrate easy predictive modeling into their workflows, particularly geared toward business user comprehension.

Algolia debuts Merchandise Studio, an AI hub for optimizing digital storefront success

Algolia, the end-to-end AI Search and Discovery platform, is launching a series of capabilities designed to optimize and enrich the process of managing enterprise merchandising and user experience in the digital world.

Revionics debuts GenAI chatbot for surfacing product and finance insights

Revionics, an Aptos company and provider of retail pricing, promotion, markdown, and advanced analytics solutions, is debuting a new generative AI (GenAI)-powered chatbot that surfaces various insights regarding product and performance data.

Eagle Eye debuts EagleAI, a data science solution powered by AI designed for retail  

By leveraging customer data and predictive machine learning algorithms, EagleAI is ushering in the next generation of personalization at scale

AppDirect secures $100M in funding to accelerate the growth of the technology advisor community

Funding provides flexible capital for technology advisors to transform and scale their business while maintaining 100% ownership

Calabrio acquires Wysdom to optimize human and virtual agent interactions

The move aims to revolutionize the customer experience

Franz introduces Allegro CL v11 with Neuro-Symbolic AI programming

Allegro Common Lisp gains LLM integration, enhanced knowledge graph and vector capabilities via AllegroGraph

Adapting and accepting GenAI in KM and content delivery

David Seuss, CEO at Northern Light, and Johnny Kinnaird, director of AI success at Shelf, joined KMWorld's webinar, Using Generative AI for Fast, Accurate Knowledge from Unstructured Content, to highlight the role that generative AI (GenAI) can play in optimizing unstructured content access, driving better decision making, lower operational costs, and increased revenue overall.