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Competitive intelligence is the collection and analysis of data and information surrounding competitors and market trends. Competitive intelligence operations allow organizations to receive the vital information necessary to develop short- and long-term strategies and identify opportunities and weaknesses. See below for the latest competitive intelligence news, trends, and solutions.

Visa and GoodData Partner on data products for better customer insights

Visa is also making an investment in GoodData through Visa Ventures, its corporate venture investment arm

ConceptNet continues to improve natural language understanding in latest update

ConceptNet now features continuous deployment capabilities, additional curation of crowd-sourced data, and improved data transfer security 

Aternity introduces solution to compare employee’s digital experiences

Company releases latest remote work productivity data that shows employees are losing productivity due to erratic application performance

KMWorld Readers' Choice Awards—nominate your products NOW!

Winners will be showcased in a special section on the KMWorld website and in the November/December 2020 edition of KMWorld magazine!

Ontotext releases new version of GraphDB

RDF* enables the more efficient representation of scores, weights, temporal aspects and provenance in Knowledge Graphs

CoAdvantage releases an improved payroll processing platform

By leveraging technology, CoAdvantage has created a platform that streamlines client data processing, resulting in operational and strategic efficiencies

Siren and Elastic to provide solution for federal marketspace

Combined technologies provide pioneering investigative intelligence capabilities

Cutover is now available on the AWS marketplace

SaaS solution helps regulated financial institutions gain visibility, track IT tasks during cloud migrations, and simplify reporting to regulators

Explore how to build seamless digital experiences

This KMWorld webinar highlights best practices for managing sites at scale

Qlik releases platform that enables users to act quickly on data-driven insights

Increases analytics ROI by closing the gap between insights and action

Alfresco introduces secure enterprise viewer for annotations

The Enterprise Viewer enables users to view all types of content (documents, images, audio and video) and collaborate using powerful editing tools and chat windows

DeepCrawl’s latest platform ensures SEO quality assurance

Developer and SEO/marketing teams can proactively test web pages for SEO impact

Investing in modern intelligent content services

There are seven reasons to modernize ECM systems

Kaleyra’s new solution k-lab supports enterprise mobile CX

Global CPaaS company's world-class innovation lab to be headed by two new senior executives

KM experts discuss trends for 2020

In a recent KMWorld webinar, experts discussed top trends in KM and information discovery

Siren collaborates with Praescient Analytics

The Siren platform will be integrated into Praescient's Advanced Analytics Solution (A2S)

FloQast helps finance teams shift to remote working environments

Global shift to remote work presents challenges for completing critical accounting process during quarterly closes.

Sinequa responds to White House call for technologies to support scientific researchers

Scientific research repository and portal uses semantic analysis, AI, and an awareness of clinical terminology to enable the scientific community to instantly search documents

Knoema collaborates with alternative data community to provide COVID-19 resources

Knoema is now providing free data resources, visualizations and dashboards to the general public, media outlets, and policy makers to support COVID-19 response.

Altair releases set of comprehensive updates to Panopticon

Cloud-based deployment enables users to build, modify, and share their own custom-designed functions and content easily via standard web browsers