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View From The Top: Vital Path

Integrated "enterprise content management" has been a misnomer for years. In truth, companies have deployed dozens of departmental content repositories with little or no interconnection. Research indicates that 50 percent of companies have six or more distinct, independently operating content repositories, and 75 percent have at least two. And thus the challenges of regulatory control and compliance grow exponentially as the repository count increases.

Vital Path’s PathBuilder is the answer for companies seeking a truly integrated enterprise content management system. PathBuilder manages all aspects of Enterprise Content Strategy, from the high ROI repository consolidation project to the risk mitigation of Federated Records

In November 2008, Vital Path released PathBuilder Migration Studio, addressing the need for self-service migration that empowers content owners to quickly map and migrate content across the enterprise while maintaining integrity. PathBuilder Federated Records Management module allows organizations to leverage current infrastructure with best-in-class records management solutions to mitigate risk associated with maintaining records without retention and disposition controls.

"Vital Path enables clients to take control of content while reducing cost and risk, and at the same time increasing their competitive advantage," says Jay Rothe, president, Vital Path. "The key is to empower the user. PathBuilder moves the power from the back office to the desktop."

Vital Path, a wholly owned subsidiary of General Electric (NYSE: GE) has lead the industry in content integration and content migration platforms for nearly ten years.

Vital Path
501 Cambria Avenue
Bensalem, PA 19020
(866) 887-0800

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