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View From The Top: Reprints Desk, Inc.

In better economic times and worse, businesses survive and thrive by ensuring that valuable information flows both inside and outside of the enterprise.

Peer-reviewed journal articles and other high-value content are at the heart of the software service solutions offered by Reprints Desk. These solutions allow companies to simplify and innovate—across IT, procurement, R&D, sales, and marketing—by addressing these critical content workflow questions:

How do I improve workforce access to key knowledge resources? What changes will speed up research and development? Can better use of published literature improve sales and marketing effectiveness? Can I save money by changing the way we procure content? How do we ensure content is used in compliance with regulatory and copyright laws?

Reprints Desk ensures that high value content is always available, efficiently procured, intuitively accessed, and used in compliance with regulatory and copyright guidelines. Built upon the commitment to simplify, standardize, and automate content workflows, Reprints Desk solutions are designed to meet the content retrieval and re-use needs of the workforce, and satisfy the management and reporting needs of decision-makers. Reprints Desk also helps publishers with services to make content available to a wider audience, technology that secures usage, and data that helps maximize revenue.

Current offerings include web-based content re-use solutions for sales and marketing, ePrint hosting, reprint printing and distribution solutions, document delivery solutions for research, literature preparation services for regulatory submissions, and outsourced publishers services.

Reprints Desk, Inc.
a Derycz Scientific Company
The Americas: +1 310.477.0354
Europe: + 49 221 169 15 19

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