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View From The Top: RSD

Pierre Van Beneden, Chief Executive Officer

In recent years, there has been ex-plosive growth in the creation and collection of documents and other rich content by both applications and individuals. Large corporations have massive amounts of content (easily measured in petabytes for a Fortune 500)—often scattered across both geographic locations and regulatory jurisdictions. In parallel, organizations are inundated by demands for compliance with regulations and laws. These requirements come from diverse industry and government sources. For global organizations, compliance requirements can come from local governments who want to apply their own regulations and laws to businesses that operate within their jurisdictions.

With penalties for failure to comply with these laws and regulations on the rise, all companies must ensure they have an enterprise-wide plan to ensure that all business information is being properly managed. We call this the information governance challenge. At RSD, we believe that the in-formation governance challenge—the enterprise rules and policies assuring effective information management, compliant with appropriate regulatory requirements—exceeds the sum of the document management, records management, document archive and retrieval, and content management challenges combined.

Most global organizations will adopt new technologies and business practices which will allow highly re-liable, high performance access to the value contained in their business-critical documents, reports, and other rich content wherever it is stored—with proactive and central information management across business functions and isolated silos of information. Our goal is to be the leading provider of those information governance solutions.

RSD Inc.
Glenpointe Centre East, Suite 54
300 Frank W. Burr Boulevard
Teaneck NJ  07666

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