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View From The Top: MuseGlobal

Kristina Bivins  CEO & President

MuseGlobal is the world’s leading supplier of OEM Smart Connector technology for en-terprise software, government/public safety markets and publishing and provides the only ex-tensible platform for gathering and integrating content from disparate enterprise and commercial sources.

Powered by MuseGlobal’s award-winning Muse Information Connection Engine, MuseGlobal’s Smart Connectors are purpose built to interact with different enterprise, commercial, and consumer applications.

Muse and its entire infrastructure and platform are designed from the ground up for both scalability and stability. At the heart of MuseGlobal’s powerful platform for building smart, fast and re-purposable applications is an innovative cloud-based SaaS known as the Smart Connector Source Factory. The Source Factory environment provides maintenance of Smart Connectors through an ecosystem that supports rapid development, testing and deployment through highly automated processes.

MuseGlobal has nearly a decade of experience working with partners, providing the power behind literally dozens of products, services & solutions, and through our partners, serving tens of thousands of users. Taking advantage of MuseGlobal Smart Connector technology, these products and services feature key benefits:

  • Increased margins and profitability on existing revenue streams
  • Unlimited potential to create new revenue streams through innovative products and services
  • Proven quick time to market delivery of products and services
  • Clear means of establishing market advantage over competition
  • Absolute path to increase in sales of core hardware and consulting services
  • Robust connectors framework that minimizes the cost of application development
  • Operational streamlining to dramatically reduce implementation timeframes.

MuseGlobal—Smart Connector Technology

MuseGlobal, Inc.
222 Kearny Street Suite 550
San Francisco, CA 94108
phone: 415 896 MUSE (6873)

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