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View From The Top: Connotate

Connotate views knowledge management as being very different from the management of documents. We view knowledge management as the capture of knowledge processes that reflect how people discover, access and use information. We call these processes Agents, machine intelligent software Agents.

Connotate’s Agents provide a powerful new way to access, and interact with, data and information, found both on the web and across the enterprise. Incorporating Enterprise 2.0 principles, our solution—Agent Community GEN2—enables the creation of on-demand applications, sharing of best practices, and rapid data mashup. These capabilities greatly enhance corporate agility, productivity, execution and the sharing of best practices.

As a disruptive technology to traditional search, Connotate’s intelligent software Agents turn search on its head. Agents provide a unique, proprietary view of the playing field—no matter if you are seeking market, competitive, or business intelligence. Rather than returning potentially irrelevant or outdated results from indexed sources, our machine intelligent Agents deliver precise, timely information from the sources you identify and rely on most.

Boasting an On-Demand library of pre-built Agents, the Connotate solution empowers the business user with the ability to personalize existing Agents or train/request new Agents to perform monitoring, precision harvesting, and rapid integration tasks. Machine intelligent Agents speak a variety of protocols including HTML, XML, RSS, SQL, Excel, and Email. Many Agents can be created in minutes without programming or technical assistance. Agents can then be shared across the organization and further personalized for individual use.

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